Mission Statement

Mission, Values & Goals

Mission Picture

Imaginary Gardens Literary & Arts Review is a cooperative, multimedia, interdisciplinary, and multicampus journal representing the students and alumni of Pellissippi State Community College.

Imaginary Gardens maintains core values that direct its day-to-day operations and long-term vision. The Journal will:

  • Focus on inviting and maintaining diversity both on editorial staff and in publication choices.
  • Create an inclusive work space for all campuses.
  • Prioritize accessibility for all students and readers.
  • Celebrate student excellence.

Imaginary Gardens has several key goals that fulfill its mission and that support it’s core values. These include:

  • Offer a publication platform for student creatives.
  • Preserve student work in an online archival repository.
  • Provide an accessible version of the publication.
  • Maintain an active connection to alumni.
  • Provide hands-on, real-world work experience for student-editors.
  • Empower student-editors to make key editorial and management decisions.
  • Create a supportive and enriching team atmosphere for student-editors.