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Point Nemo

Kyle Walton,

Point Nemo has no sun.
Without it, we cannot set a course.
Calm waves slowly caress our ship, luring us closer.
The air’s turning cold, the sun must be setting, we’ll head out at dawn.

Late November

Kyle Walton,

Late-November, windows down,
Parkway lights dashing, caddy cornered to the void
At bay by these windows, older make and model than myself but still holding.
Drumming mechanicals reverberate through the cloth seating
like the rhythmic cacophony of cultists.

My Father’s Keeper

By: Emmeline Parham,

Terry Peder Rasmussen, the “Chameleon Killer,” is known to have murdered at least four people and is suspected of murdering many more, including his own wife and daughter. Rasmussen was adept at targeting lonely, desperate women, and progressively isolating them from their families, eventually leading to their disappearances.