String Pulled Taut

String Pulled Taut

Emily Peterson
Spring 2019

Three sisters unravel
everything, so that
someday we may die.

Sister Spinner

This is how much
I love you,
My heavenly one,

Oh, twinge in my throat-
Oh, ache of my eyes-
My winter in spring-

My sweet-sore reminder
Of life-living-
My kindred,

This is how much I love you:
I cannot imagine
Dying without you.

Sister Allotter

You clutch heavy curtains,
Beyond your stare,
All is cast in red-giant,

You are left in the
Titian glare,

I am gossamer,
Viewing our eternity

Through your silhouette-
Everything I have
Ever known-

I’d rather
Stare into the sun
Than see.

Sister Inevitable

The god-killer,
The extinguishing sun

Dies too:
Apollo finally withers,
After all these years.

Now we are spectators

I kiss your knuckles,
You recite prayer,
Whatever is first to our lips.

We switch off all the
Motel lights,
Watch the night creep in,

Then total darkness