Giant’s Cheek

Giant’s Cheek

Victoria E. Elliott
Spring 2019

As quickly as it came, the flood waters went.
I watched from my window, downpour for days on end.
The stream it seemed like teardrops, from giant’s cheeks.
Overflowing, Bursting through whole towns and streets.

When the giant’s tears finally dried, I watched the water leave.
What it left behind was something to be seen.
The power of the element that was once so wild and mighty;
found peace, became still waters, let light reflect inside it.

As quickly as you returned to us it seems you now have went.
Your roaring waters quiet, leaving our own teardrops to be spent.
The memory of your laughter will be heard in every clap of thunder.
The whistling winds will carry the sound of every song you sang.
Every time the giant cries, I will see your face and know,
That nothing, but the thought of home could tame your wild rain.

In memory of Robert Donnie Schrimsher