A Letter to My Daughter

A Letter to My Daughter

Lori Welch Loper
Edition Spring 2019

My deepest heart, my wonderous child.
Y Thirteen months here
That’s all that you had.
How life could be cut
I’ll not understand.

My heart would not heal
It scarred from within.
All jagged and broken
The holes never mend.

Your father, just memories
Battered and bruised in my mind.
I found out he died
And His judgment is done.
Rest easy my child
With our Father and Son.
our beauty still haunts me
Your laughter, your smile.
Your eyes, so like your grandfather
Gray, changing in light.
You lit up my life
With your heavenly joy.

The hugs you gave
So tight, so warm.
The way you lay on me
Breast to breast.
So trusting, so pure.

The faith in your father
Broken, in vain.
You cried out in terror
But he didn’t care.
You struggled, you gasped
But it was for naught.
You lay on the floor
Life gone too short.

My heart changed forever
That August night.

My life since yours stopped
Has changed thru time.
Your love is a memory
Soft and sweet as wine.

My son has gray eyes
That glitter and shine.
His laughter, so deep
It can make me cry.
His joy and his love
Fill our hearts each time.

A grown man now
Almost on his own.
His hugs are so strong
So tight and so warm.
His head on my shoulder,
Makes everything right.

Oh how joy has filled
My heart from within.
Once broken and shattered
Love mended again.

But there will always be
That hole in my heart.
The place never mended
The place that was lost.
A hole left intact,
Vacant and raw.
The place where our hearts
Stopped beating as one.

I’ll never forget you
My love never wanes.
‘Till death finds us near
And our hearts join together.
My darling, my April
How love does shine
From your heavenly place
To my life, intwined.